Niche Players: Go Social But Remember the Four Rules

In both the B2B and B2C marketing worlds, what was once considered a seperate segment of the marketing mix must now be considered a standard. 

Social media is now more commonly thought of by leaders in each industry segment as part of the standard marketing mix. The likes of Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter has now become a partner to ecommerce which not only B2C firms but B2B organisations have known they must consider as part of growth and or retention strategy for a few years now.

This is true even in the most ‘niche’ industries.

Question: Why? 

Answer: In niche industries the world quickly becomes your marketplace once you cross the chasm. Us niche players need to keep up!

Whether its a blog, a twitter profile, a youtube channel, a facebook company page or a linkedin page or all of the above; businesses looking to start a social media initiative can start by considering four things. 

1. It’s still an investment, treat it like one. Ensure your social media elements boast measurable objectives with reliabile tools in place from the start. Your human resources are your most valueable, although social media seems ‘free’ its not, so don’t invest their efforts without putting the medium to the test!

2. Think about the future. Unlike the more traditional medium which might be slandered the excusivity of someones car or family room, social media is ever present and always public. With the introduction of ’fango’ and the rise of mobile use in drive time hours those comments from the couch and the drivers seat are no longer private! So predesigned guidelines for as many possible customer engagements is key.

3. The customer is still ‘Always Right’. Manners are important, no matter how much you disagree with someones comments. With the exception of profanity, workplace bullying and competitor sales pitches its always best to go with acknowledgment and a ‘how can we improve your experience’. However its not all bad, social media is full of fans (pun intended); remember to say thank you to the ones you agree with too!

4. Listen. This must form part of your strategy, listen to your community, listen to your followers and most of all, listen to your competitors!

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